Oportunitate de parteneriat cu compania britanica Grosvenor Technology

Compania britanica Grosvenor Technology – http://grosvenortechnology.com/ este in cautare de parteneri pe piata romaneasca – companii care au dezvoltat solutiile proprii de Time and Attendance sau Workforce Management si sunt in cautarea unor terminale/ echipamente cu care sa integreze aplicatiile.

Mai multe informatii despre Grosvenor veti gasi in prezentarea de mai jos si in materialele anexate.

Daca sunteti interesati de aceasta colaborare, puteti lua legatura direct cu Paul Smith, New Business Development Manager, Paul.Smith@grosvenortechnology.com.


For nearly thirty years, Grosvenor Technology, formally known as Custom Micro Products, has delivered data acquisition equipment into mainstream markets in Europe, the Middle East and North America.

Grosvenor Technology’s time management/data capture products are recognized as market leaders in this highly specialized sector and are continually being developed and improved upon. Their Intelligent Terminal „IT” Series has been designed with customer fit ‘smart modules’ to offer superior flexibility from components that are immediately available ‘off the shelf’.

Download here presentations for: Data Collection Terminal & Data Collection/ Self Service Terminal.

The IT Series incorporates leading edge technology and has really exciting features and benefits:

  • Easy development allowing personalised views and functionality at the terminal
  • Multi-lingual support at both company and employee level for example when you clock to start/stop work, instructions are shown in your own language
  • Play and record sound clips allowing messages to be left for supervisors and employees
  • Store a photograph when a transaction is made at the terminal deterring colleagues from making transactions on behalf of others

What Grosvenor Technology is looking for:

Grosvenor Technology is looking to extend its business into new territories. They are looking for new Partners who have written/developed their own Time and Attendance or Workforce Management software, and who is looking for a quality Partner to supply advanced terminals to integrate with their applications.

Contact: Paul Smith, New Business Development Manager, Paul.Smith@grosvenortechnology.com